Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Quilt For Me

The girls in my patchwork group have been making blocks for me. The quilt, in blues and creams is for my bed. I provided the fabric and they provided the sewing skills.
The photo shows 4 completed blocks . There is supposed to be sashing between each block - my job is to make 130 sashing blocks and then join all blocks together.
I think it will turn out really well.
The pattern is called 'SCRAP BASKET ROSE' and was featured in volume 15 no.9 of APQ -
Well I must go and do a few more sashing blocks - I've only done 5 so far and I should be writing reports!
Take care until next time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Patchwork Group - The Material Girls

The blocks on the left are for the 10 year old grand daughter of my friend Lorraine who is in the patchwork group to which I belong.

Our patchwork group 'The Material Girls' meets once a month for lunch and a chat, but we don't sew.

Each month one of us hands out a project for the others to do and we return the next month with the finished work.

You might want blocks done for a quilt or some smaller items. Last year they made me wall hangings and cushion covers for my family room. This year they are making blocks for a quilt for my bed.

We also make quilts for charities to raffle. We like to get together at someone's home to do this.

PS Potch is settling in really well, as though she has always lived here. I'd better go and write my reports now as it is the busy time of the year for school teachers in Australia.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Patch's New Friend

What excitement we have today - a new dog!!
My husband collected her from the RSPCA dog kennels in Tamworth today.
She was in the kennels because her previous owners had moved house and could not take the dog with them.
She is an 11 month old red cattle dog and her name is Potch!!!
No, I didn't name her, her previous owners did. So now we have Patch and Potch, who we hope will be great friends.
We need a young dog now as Patchie is getting old and can't work as well as she could a few years ago. Hopefully she will teach Potch to work as well as she does.
I should be marking exams instead of doing this post, but just had to show you all our new family member.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Birthday Quilt

Sorry that I didn't post last week, but I was in Sydney visiting my sons as they both had their birthdays. They were born 2 years less 1 day apart. My baby is now 20 and my older son is 22.
Before I show you the birthday quilt, i though I'd include my second attempt at pleated log cabin.
This time I made another cushion cover using one large block. It measures about 40cm square. This one is for me and I have one more to make which will be a xmas pressie for one of the girls I work with.

Here is the quilt I made for my son's 22nd birthday.
It is called ' I Can't Believe It's a Beginner' by Margot Languedoc of
It is made mostly with Bound To The Prairie 2 fabrics. I made it at
I think that it is very dark and masculine, which is the effect I had hoped to achieve.