Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Do I Have Here???

These fine bone cups and stand became mine this weekend.

But what exactly are they? I don't know.

They are a bit bigger than an egg cup and have J&C Bavaria trademark on their bottoms.

I would be very happy if someone could help me out with their identification.

I haven't had time to sew this week but must finish my son's quilt as it is his birthday on Saturday.

Take there until next time.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Voila! The Paris Cats Are Finished

Last weekend I bought some fat quarters from the Paris Cats range of fabric. All week I wondered what to make with it and yesterday, decided on a cushion cover.

I chose the pattern 'Chelsea Log Cabin' - I know it's not French - I just liked it. I made 16 individual blocks. These 8 had dark starting squares.
I decided to make the cushion back using these fabrics too. I just joined squares for this, and buttons in the closure.
Here is the finished cushion front. I am very happy with it and hope my friend who will be receiving it for xmas will like it too. As she is a French teacher I thought the fabrics would be great for her.

I have started some more pleated log cabin cushion covers and hope to finish one or more for my next post - probably next weekend as I am back at work now. Only 9 weeks until xmas holidays start.
Take care until next time.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dubbo Quilt Show

Above are some gorgeuos fabrics from the Parisienne Cats range that I bought from The Cottage On the Hill and the little wooden thing in the foreground is a tapemeasure. How cute - i bought several so I have some for gifts - I should keep one for my 50th post giveaway i think. (it may be an antique by then!!)

Chookyblue and I travelled to Dubbo on Friday. While Chookyblue did jobs and had photos developed I went for some seroius retail therapy. I neede a white summer top. Somehow I now have three white summer tops. Lucky (and happy) me! We had dinner with Dragonfly and On The Hill and a few other friends. Great food, great company and a great time had by all. Thanks to on The Hill for organising dinner.

Dragonfly hosted Chookyblue and I for the night - thank you very much. We were up bright and early and at the quilt show just after it opened.
Lots of stalls to look at and lots of quilts to admire. It was lovely meeting some of the girls who exhibited their works.

I did a little bit of shopping, including this table runner kit. my lounge/ dining area is soft pinks and greens.

Every time I add a link the previous one disappears, so there are no links today I'm afraid.
Take care until next time.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Hexagon Quilt

I am still on holidays at the moment and have been trying to complete a few UFOs. I have made 3 xmas presents but won't be posting them - one is for my Secret Santa swap person - hope they like it (fingers crossed that they will) , another for my secret santa person in my quilting group, and the third is for a family member of mine. I have taken photos of them so will post them after chrissy.

I am very happy that I have finished this quilt! It is special to me as it contains fabric from many of my past projects and reminds me of them. There are also some fabrics that I bought for my stash and couldn't seem to fit them into anything - there was too little of them or they were not quite the right tone or shade.
I bought the pattern at Cottage On the Hill ( while I was at a weekend retreat there last year. I have been trying to post a picture of the pattern for you as well, but am having a technological glitch - well actually, I am the technological glitch - SORRY am only a beginner at this blogging after all.
The pattern is by Threads Of Time from Bowral in NSW, Australia. Let me know if you want their details - they don't seem to have a website.
Until next time , take care.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Here I Am

Thanks to chookyblue I now have my very own blog!! I just hope I will remember how to add to it after today --you may never hear from me again.

This is a block from my 'remember when' quilt that i did last year.