Sunday, October 21, 2007

Voila! The Paris Cats Are Finished

Last weekend I bought some fat quarters from the Paris Cats range of fabric. All week I wondered what to make with it and yesterday, decided on a cushion cover.

I chose the pattern 'Chelsea Log Cabin' - I know it's not French - I just liked it. I made 16 individual blocks. These 8 had dark starting squares.
I decided to make the cushion back using these fabrics too. I just joined squares for this, and buttons in the closure.
Here is the finished cushion front. I am very happy with it and hope my friend who will be receiving it for xmas will like it too. As she is a French teacher I thought the fabrics would be great for her.

I have started some more pleated log cabin cushion covers and hope to finish one or more for my next post - probably next weekend as I am back at work now. Only 9 weeks until xmas holidays start.
Take care until next time.


Chookyblue said...

very nice....sure she will love have had a busy weekend.....a lurker told me today you need to do a post so this will keep her happy........hope she leaves a comment.......

Anonymous said...

Love the colours and fabrics.
A cushion is perfect.
Nice to see you blogging some more.
No it wasn't me lurking.

Anonymous said...

It was ME.
Beautiful cushions.
Yes you do need to post more often

Anne Heidi said...

That is really cute! I am sure your friend will love it :)

Bren said...

Very nice. I love the fabrics!!

Happy In Quilting said...

Patch...The cushions are just lovely...can't wait to see the quilted log cabin blocks, it will be stunning

corry said...

I never heard of that pattern before, it's lovely! Your cushion is beautiful!