Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hi everyone, I think I said last time that I didn't have time to sew due to work commitments - BUT - I just found this little pattern in my sewing room and thought that I might find the time to do it.

It takes only 5 fat 1/4s to create a 2 sided mini quilt measuring 16"x20", including the binding.

It should be fun to do if I manage to decipher the cutting instructions. They assure the intended quilt maker that there is no room for error when cutting out!! SCARY!!!

That's actually turning me off a bit so I might just think a bit more before I get stuck into it. Maybe have a cup of tea or two, read a book instead, who knows.

Talk again soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


As I haven't had time to sew lately I have posted the photo of a bag that I made a couple of years ago.
It was a Christmas gift for a work friend who plays the violin. She uses the bag to carry her music in to rehearsals,. I am happy that she likes it enough to use it in public.
'Scrap Basket Rose' is in a bag waiting to go to the quilter's. I hope to get it there next weekend all going well.
Take care everyone.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have just finished the quilt top and have raced in to post it on my blog.
I took the advice of my clever blogging friends and completed the stars for my first border.
I decided to go with a narrow cream border next and finally a darker blue border - it is hard to see as the bed has a navy valance on it.
I am really pleased with the finished product as it contains fabrics that I have been collecting since I started patchwork. The only fabrics that I bought especially for it have been the blue for the final border and the backing.
Thanks to 'The Material Girls' who each made 3 blocks of the quilt - I hope you like it too.
I'll post a photo of it when it returns from the quilter in a couple of months.
Bye for now.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I have been away on holidays for most of January this year - aren't I lucky.
A few days in Sydney catching up with family and 2 weeks at Port Macquarie relaxing on the beach.
I made this cushion for a couple who I work with who had their first bub in January - a little boy named Gus.
Back to work tomorrow!!! That will be a huge shock to my system.
The scrap basket rose quilt has nearly had its first border done and only 2 to go to be ready for quilting. I hope to do the remaining borders next weekend.
Bye for now.