Thursday, November 15, 2007

Patch's New Friend

What excitement we have today - a new dog!!
My husband collected her from the RSPCA dog kennels in Tamworth today.
She was in the kennels because her previous owners had moved house and could not take the dog with them.
She is an 11 month old red cattle dog and her name is Potch!!!
No, I didn't name her, her previous owners did. So now we have Patch and Potch, who we hope will be great friends.
We need a young dog now as Patchie is getting old and can't work as well as she could a few years ago. Hopefully she will teach Potch to work as well as she does.
I should be marking exams instead of doing this post, but just had to show you all our new family member.


Anonymous said...

Potch must be a sign. So close in name to Patch, they will have to be great mates (hopefully).
She is gorgeous. Looks like it had to be a quick photo before she moved again.....

Annie said...

We have a new family member too - it must be the weekend for it. Amazing that the name fitted in so well. It was destined to be yours! Enjoy

Anonymous said...

as the other 2 members of this family, me and andrew feel there needs to be a name change of this dog, firstly because the two names would sound exactly alike if you were a dog, and secondly, because when patch finally does leave us, the other dog will alwayse have the burdon of living up to patch's reputation on its shoulders, and would be reminded of this every time we called its name. So we feel its in the best interest of the new dogs future that we change its name.