Monday, January 7, 2008


How lucky am I??!! The mailman delivered my secret santa prezzie on Friday but I was in Sydney for my mum's 75th birthday so didn't get to open it until Saturday night when I got back.
I honestly could not believe what was in there - so many beautiful goodies!
  • a christmas decoration
  • a chook ( I wonder if the blue face is because chookyblue organised the swap?)
  • a great bag
  • some yummy fat 1/4s
  • santa
  • a mini duster for my sewing machine

Big thanks to for my great goodies and to for being santa's elf.

I am making slow but steady progress on my flower basket quilt and hope to post it's status in a day or two.

Take care until then.


Chookyblue said... are so lucky........thanks for joining in the SSCS even if it did push you out into blogland.......aren't you happy you I use your picture - thanks

corry said...

Lucky you..all those lovely goodies! What a great swap!

Anonymous said...

What a lucky girl you are. We've all been so lucky from our generous swap partners.
Glad all is well at home and only fences are to be fixed. I know that will be a BIG job for you all.

keslyn said...

well your gifts were certainly woth waiting for, enjoy

Gypsy Quilter said...

I'm so glad it arrived safely, albeit a bit late. Enjoy your goodies!

teodo said...

Thanks for your SSCS...... I've seen the pic on Donna's blog and I hope it will arrived in my mail soon.

I'm happy for yours.

ciao ciao and Happy 2008